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32 Names of Goddess Durga (CDAA020)

by Sattyananda



32 Names of Goddess Durga

The 32 Names of Goddess Durga also known as Durga Battisi, have been provided as Durga Dvatrinsh Naammala in the spiritual book Durga Saptasati. It is also popularly known as Durga Battish Naam in Hindi. These names of Ma Durga are recited to bring an end to all difficulties in ones life and are the reliever of all kinds of difficulties.

The chant of 32 names is immeasurably powerful and anybody who sings it regularly can obtain immense benefit throughout his life as this is a blessing of the Goddess that brings difficulties to peace.


released October 10, 2018

Written Produced & composed by Nikhel Kumar Mahajan aka Sattyananda .
Vocals -Smt. Shubha Mudgal .
Flute - Pt. Ajay Prasanna .
Violin - Asghar Hussain .
Mridangam - Jayan Das .
Recording & Music Consultant - Balkrishan Sharma


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Sattyananda New Delhi, India

Sattyananda in its literal sense in Sanskrit means true bliss. He is the founder of the Nada Yoga Foundation & Audio Aashram and has been exploring the Electronic music space since 1996. He has also been practicing Nada Yoga & other Ancient Tantric Meditation practices, combining his experience to weave sonic meditation experience for the modern generation to experience inner peace & tranquility ... more

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Track Name: 32 Names of Goddess Durga
32 names: 1) Durgā; 2) Durgatirśaminī, Who destroys bad times; 3) Durgāpadvinivāriṇī, Who removes obstacles; 4) Durgamacchedinī, Who pierces hardest destinations; 5) Durgasādhinī, Who tames the hardest situations; 6) Durganāśinī, Who destroyed Durga¹; 7) Durgatoddhāriṇī, Who uplifts from bad fate; 8) Durgenihantrī, impossible to be slayed; 9) Durgamāpahā, Who destroys difficulties; 10) Durgamajñānadā, Who bestows of difficult knowledge; 11) Durgadaityalokadavānalā, Who is fire for mighty-tree-like demon civilization; 12) Durgamā, Who is hard to approach or parallel; 13) Durgamālokā, Who is the abode of irrepressible glow; 14) Durgamātmasvarūpiṇī, Who is the hard to reach Ātman-form; 15) Durgamārgapradā, Who bestows of difficult to achieve path, 16) Durgamavidyā, Who is the hard to achieve knowledge; 17) Durgamāśritā, Who is supported by divinity; 18) Durgamajñānasaḿsthānā, Who is the abode of hard to achieve knowledge; 19) Durgamadhyānabhāsinī, Who appears as light during intent meditation; 20) Durgamohā, Who is immense bondage; 21) Durgamagā, Who is difficult to attain or reach; 22) Durgamārthasvarūpiṇī, Who is the difficult knowledge; 23) Durgamāsurasanhantrī, Who destroys the imsurpassable demons; 24) Durgamāyudhadhāriṇī, Who possesses irrepressible weapons; 25) Durgamāńgī, Who has strong limbs; 27) Durgamatā, Who is difficult; 27) Durgamyā, Who is hard to visit; 28) Durgameśvarī, Who is the Goddess of everything difficult to achieve, 29) Durgabhīmā, Who is gallant; 30) Durgabhāmā, Who is very wrathful; 31) Durgabhā, Who has impeccable shine; and 32) Durgadāriṇī, Who bestows induplicable happiness.||1—5||

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